Socio-Economic Geography

why social mobility?

Up to 70% of recruits for professional services firms still come from Private and Grammar schools, which are attended by only 7% of the population.

This is one of the many figures that The Talent Tap is keen to address, with the help of our growing network of Corporate Partners. Our aim is to make a real difference to young people’s lives and help close the prominent gap between disadvantaged and privileged.

of recruits for professional services firms come from Private and Grammar schools
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is how much more likely you are to be in a professional job, if you're from a privileged background
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of 2020 Graduates are likely to secure jobs, compared to 60% in previous years
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Q. Why is the work of The Talent Tap necessary?

A. Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not.

What we’re doing now:

We focus on ‘social mobility cold spots’ (areas with lower house prices, greater levels of deprivation, lower performing schools and fewer available professional jobs) which are predominantly coastal and rural locations where the geographic barriers are so much greater. The added challenges associated with Covid-19 have impacted the UK’s most vulnerable students far more than their privileged counterparts – and the job market as a whole is vastly depleted. Recent research has shown that only 18% of 2020 Graduates are likely to secure jobs, compared to 60% in previous years – so right now The Talent Tap’s work is more important than ever.

Bedford Academy | Bedford

All Saints Academy | Cheltenham

Swindon Academy | Swindon

Eckington School | Sheffield

Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

Richard Taunton 6th Form | Southampton

Lincoln Christs Hospital School | Lincoln

Kingsbury Green Academy | Calne Wiltshire

Wellington Academy | Tidworth Wiltshire

Chilwell School | Nottingham

Darwen Aldridge Community Academy | Blackburn

West Walsall EA Academy | Walsall W Midlands

King Ethelbert’s School | Birchington-on-Sea | Kent

WQE Leicester | Leicester

Corfe Hills | Poole

  • Christ the King | Newport
  • Ryde Academy | Ryde IOW
  • Isle of Wight College | Newport
  • The Island V1 Form | Newport
  • Cowes Enterprise College | Cowes IOW

Dane Court Grammar School | Broadstairs | Kent

Witham 6th Forms | Witham Essex

Tendring Technology College | Frinton-on-Sea | Essex

Only 7% of the population attend grammar & independent schools.


Yet within the following professions, the percentage is much higher:

British Media 36%
Civil Service 44%
Judges 65%

Everyone's talking about social mobility: