Tom Derrick, The Talent Tap 2017 & 2018

What The Talent Tap has done for me is indescribable. I feel so enhanced by everything that The Talent Tap has given to me. I’ve had some incredible experiences and met some incredible people. I’ve developed my skills, knowledge and understanding in a way that isn’t possible in the classroom, and that I never could have achieved without The Talent Tap. Every single person associated with The Talent Tap that I have met has helped me.

The other students really live up to the name of The Talent Tap! I learn so much from them alone, and that’s without even mentioning the mentors, the business leaders and the special guests that The Talent Tap has introduced me to. I’ve been able to rub shoulders and talk intimately with founders and CEOs. That’s something I can only have thanks to The Talent Tap – I have been able to gain some incredible insight and advice from The Talent Tap which has not only enhanced my ability and employability, but it has changed my mindset in my everyday life. This, I think, is highly significant in what The Talent Tap has given to me. On a day-to-day basis I feel confident in asking people questions that help me gain a deeper understanding from their knowledge and experience. I try to continually improve my knowledge and skills by taking what I learn from people and building on it every day. So, when combining this confidence and inquisitiveness instilled in me by The Talent Tap with the experiences, knowledge and skills the scheme has given me, it is genuinely no exaggeration to say that The Talent Tap has changed my life.

I am part of a tremendous alumni network of The Talent Tap, not only with the business leaders and mentors I’ve met through the scheme, but also my fellow students on the scheme that I know will go on to do great things in future. I could not be prouder and happier to be a part of The Talent Tap – if you ever have a chance to get involved with the scheme, I absolutely implore you to do it.

Work Experience, The Talent Tap