Student from Lincoln Christ’s Hospital

Rentify on the first week was fun as designing an app involves creativity, something I’m not so great at and am usually not pushed to do! Really had to think about how to sell the app and the marketing aspects to it. The second week at Latham Watkins LLP was an incredible opportunity for someone like me, who wishes to go into law and I was able to make many contacts at the firm, as well as gain greater insight into different areas of corporate law.

For me, what was really significant was socialising with the others on the scheme as I felt they were all so friendly and approachable, and a little bit like me in different ways which is something I’ve struggled to find at my own school. It has helped me gain confidence in being myself and I am already so excited to come back next year.

My main skill from this that I gained was in public speaking, so talking the right amount, the right pace and taking pauses. Also just generally thinking before I speak! It made me realise a lot of things I need to improve on with regards to that and I was able to do so by the end of the two weeks.

Student Testimonial from Lincoln Christ’s Hospital