My summer internship at Freuds

The Talent Tap always seems to exceed my expectations every summer in being able to provide opportunities that help the development of my own future career. This summer certainly lived up to this. I got the privilege of gaining an internship with the PR and Communications agency, Freuds. I spent two weeks in London gaining a valuable insight into this industry as well as many others, through the help and organization of both Freuds and The Talent Tap. I was able to gain a huge insight into my own future career prospects and felt inspired by the possible workplace environments I could experience in the future.

In the two weeks I got to work directly on the Goals House team. I was able to gain an insight into the sort of work they do and the influential impact it has across the world. In 2015 Goals House partnered with the United Nations to develop the Sustainable Development Goals,  to help create a catalyst to drive forward real climate actions and solutions. Since the founding of Goals House, they have been able to organise and co-host events across the world each year to help bring together political leaders, influential speakers and changemakers. Goals House co-host events at conferences across the world such as COP, UNGA and Davos to name a few. I was able to learn the process of how their events across the year, finding it incredibly insightful.

During my time at Goals House I was able to gain a in depth insight into the importance of advocation change and driving forward impact to ensue the Sustainable Development Goals are met by the year 2023. As a student that studies English Literature and Philosophy, with my main academic interest being Practical Ethics in the contemporary world, I felt that I was able to resonate even more with the impact and work that Goals House has to offer. I have a genuine passion for the advocation of social justice across the world including sustainability.

Some of the highlights of my internship included, being able to sit in on meetings for upcoming events and learning the benefits of utilising time to help organise and give feedback in group settings. I was also able to collaborate and contribute ideas for upcoming projects, and I felt incredibly proud in doing so. I learnt about the partnerships Goals House has, and how they effectively maintain good relations with each partner. I further got the opportunity to carry out in-depth research on multiple partnerships and learnt how each company promoted and advocated sustainability.

During my internship at Freuds, I also go the opportunity to speak to professionals both in a group and 1.1. This also included professionals from the Goals House team as well as other departments at Freuds, including the Digital team, Creative team, and Atomized team. Being able to talk and network with these teams was highly beneficial. I was able to gain a lot of useful advice and I know that I will be able to carry this forward into my own future career and development.

I had an incredible two weeks at Freuds, and I could definitely see myself going into the work that they do in the future. The Talent Tap was able to make my two weeks extra special by organising even further talks and discussions. This included having a 1:1 careers coaching and CV workshop with the charity, Smartworks. I was also given the privilege in being able to meet Megan Davies, the sub-editor for OK magazine, as well as Libby Gervais and Lydia Gordon, who were both executive assistants at Casarotto Ramsay & Associates. I felt incredibly inspired being able to talk and gain advise from all these individuals.

The opportunity to immerse myself in the atmosphere of London was also incredible. As someone who has grown up in a countryside village nearly all my life it felt incredible to witness. I can definitely see myself moving to London once I graduate from university.

Overall, my experience this summer has been highly fulfilling, and I am incredibly grateful for the work of The Talent Tap, as well as Freuds, in allowing me to have this opportunity. The Talent Tap works incredibly hard in being able to provide fantastic opportunities to students like myself and I am beyond grateful that I am able to experience this first hand.

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