Megan Davis, The Talent Tap 2013 onwards

In 2016, the committee welcomed its first student member, Megan Davis, who was instrumental in the smooth running of the summer package.  She is also a good example of how The Talent Tap is taking students forward; she has done a number of work experience packages with The Talent Tap with both established and entrepreneurial media companies and as a result of that she has just been selected for a Masters in Journalism.  After her Masters, the strength of her CV and the confidence she has gained with The Talent Tap should ensure she is a truly competitive candidate for a top job in journalism. The inclusion of Megan on the committee is just one step in the process of empowering The Talent Tap students and turning The Talent Tap into a self-perpetuating alumni network of successful people.

Megan Davis, Student Testimonial, The Talent Tap