Jadene Smith, The Talent Tap 2013 & 2014

Jadene Smith is another The Talent Tap student who is on the move.  She met Charlie Coode on her first The Talent Tap package and since then she has stayed in atouch with him.  Jadene impressed Charlie with her drive and persistence, so much so, that she was offered a full internship with Coode Associates last Summer; an invaluable experience that will undoubtedly lead on to great things. 

As Jadene explains:

I first participated in the The Talent Tap programme in 2013, with two weeks experience with Balderton Capital. Our project involved working as a team to plan a hotel build in which Balderton may be interested in investing in. It gave me an opportunity to apply my academic knowledge to real life situations. For example, I was managing the financial aspects of the plan and enjoyed creating a cash flow forecast amongst other collateral to present to a panel of potential investors. Another experience, which I found to be particularly valuable, was meeting with a HR employee at Nomura; the advice given still sticks with me today.  I returned to The Talent Tap the following year for experience at Rathbones. This gave me the opportunity to use data sources to gather and analyse information to justify potential investments – something I really enjoyed.

Jadene Smith, Testimonial, The Talent Tap