The Talent Tap delivers advice and mentoring built around a two week work experience program. Students are housed in shared student accommodation based in central London. Most of the programme is taken up with individually tailored work experience placements but time is also allocated to other experiences that help students prepare for the world of work. These sessions include interview technique, CV skills, talks with business people, dinners and cultural experiences.

The programme takes place in early July i.e. directly after A level, or equivalent, exams have been completed and students have left school. However support does not end after one year. Successful students are invited to return throughout their University career. Indeed support continues right up to the point at which students begin their career.


Year 1 Process

The selection process seeks to identify candidates that:

  • Have the necessary ability to benefit from the scheme.

  • Would not otherwise have access to such opportunities.


Multi Year Process

Multi year.jpg

Creation of a self-perpetuating alumni network

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