Sponsorship and fundraising for our charity

Here's how you can Support The Talent Tap

There are plenty of ways to help us to fund our mission:

If you want to support a growing charity whose mission is to enable talented and aspiring young people to get ahead then we would welcome any donations to our cause – large or small.  Sponsorship, donations and fundraising are key to our continued existence and we actively show our supporters how their contributions have made a difference.

The Talent Tap Fundraising

Sponsor a student

£1000 will enable one student to access our programme for one year.

Support can be given for for a single year or a 3 year duration.  Get behind the student you have supported, share their journey and watch them grow.


No donation is too big or too small. Make a regular contribution or a one-off payment via our ‘Just Giving’ page:

Charity events

You can see which upcoming charity events we’re involved with below. If you would like to join our team to help raise some money for the Talent Tap please get in touch.