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Support or sponsor our talented students

Championing equal access to employment opportunities through our employer partner network.

Are you seeking to support tangibly beneficial social mobility initiatives? Working with our employer partners to offer work experience and opportunities is The Talent Tap’s life blood. Our partners understand that a supported and diverse workforce is key to future sustainability and success, and as such, our relationship is mutually beneficial. For our students we provide vital insight into what is out there for them to aspire to, and a gateway to their future. For our partners, our impact driven programmes provide access to a diverse talent pool, deliver relevant volunteering opportunities and feed into multiple ESG goals.

How The Talent Tap can work with your business:

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  • 4 – 8 day work experience provision
  • Fully in-house or mixture virtual and onsite
  • Groups advised
  • Support offered to create programme
  • Work experience to include:
    • Networking sessions with senior leaders and junior colleagues 
    • Career Training sessions if useful
    • Office tours 
    • Opportunities to interact with different departments 
    • Business relevant research projects 
    • Larger research project to be presented at end of experience 
  • £1,500 per student 


  • Open up internship opportunities to TTT students
  • Longer work placements with future employment in mind
  • Work with TTT to access suitable Alumni



  • Support TTT students in their Year in Industry applications
  • Consider TTT Alumni for Year in Industry openings
  • Create a Year in Industry programme



  • Tap into TTT Alumni network with job opportunities


Finder’s fee donated to TTT

Establish the difference between having a goal and having a plan. 

  • Opportunities for colleagues to become TTT Mentors
  • One to one mentoring of a TTT Alumni
  • Matched through interests and career goals
  • Once a month goal driven sessions
  • Relationship building
    Virtual (linked with calendars)
  • Options to deliver one off ‘flash mentoring’ confidence
    building sessions
  • Support from TTT on session planning and delivery
  • Support Talent Tap representatives to interview prospective students
  • Join 3+ interviews (20 mins per interview)
  • Brush up on interview skills
  • Chance to meet TTT candidates first hand
  • Give valuable feedback
  • Rewarding to watch a candidate you have interviewed flourish on the scheme
  • Minimum time requirement 1 hour
  • Use as part of volunteering hours / day

The format is Simple! – Chat about your career and the route you took to get where you are today. What have you learnt on the way? Are there any pit falls? What are your career highs and lows?

We ask our contributors to pitch their answers around overcoming adversity, gaining confidence and defying expectations and to give some tangible facts as to how students can access the industry and what they need to do to get ahead of the game.

All Zoominars become part of our growing online careers resource library

In return The Talent Tap will:

  • Provide our business partners with exposure to a pool of hand selected, aspirational, students.
  • Provide our students with employment skills training to develop and nurture them prior to entering the workplace for their work experience placement.
  • Work with you and share insights into developing a work experience programme for our students.
  • Offer and manage volunteering opportunities for employees including MENTORING and interview skill practise.
  • Accommodate and provide for our students in Central London for the duration of the programme.
  • Help businesses to champion social, cultural and cognitive diversity and inclusion.
  • Share internship and job openings with our Alumni network

You can make the difference

Through the support of our partners 98% of students in 2021 felt strongly that they have more self-confidence about what they could achieve with 98.2% more inspired about their future than they were before.

Impact of The Talent Tap programme

I have new tools and opportunities for networking
I have more self confidence about what I can achieve
I feel more positive about my future opportunities than I did before
I have gained new skills that I can use to access employment
I have gained new insights into different career areas
I have gained a greater general understanding of the work place

Here are just some of the organisations we currently work with: