Social Mobility is real, but there is definite hope.

Imagine being gripped by fear and uncertainty, unsure where to seek advice and guidance. Imagine lacking the confidence to pursue your dreams, feeling invisible to potential employers, and having to decline golden opportunities due to financial constraints. Imagine slower career progression and lower earnings simply because of where you live. This is the possible stark […]

Why Summer Internships aren’t always equitable

Summer internships are invaluable for gaining experience, building professional networks, and enhancing employability. However, numerous factors prevent young people in the UK from securing these opportunities. These barriers range from socio-economic disparities to geographical challenges, and understanding them is crucial for developing effective solutions. 1. Socio-Economic Disparities One of the primary barriers is socio-economic disparity. […]

My summer internship at Freuds

The Talent Tap always seems to exceed my expectations every summer in being able to provide opportunities that help the development of my own future career. This summer certainly lived up to this. I got the privilege of gaining an internship with the PR and Communications agency, Freuds. I spent two weeks in London gaining […]

The Role of The Talent Tap in Bridging Socioeconomic Divides

The Isle of Wight – an island only two miles across the Solent, but worlds away in terms of career development opportunities for young people. For students from the Isle of Wight, the divides are not just socioeconomic. I’ve lived in deprived areas of the island my entire life but the more significant barrier to […]