Hurry Slowly?

Hurrying slowly? Having spoken to many students and university graduates one of the issues that comes up regularly is around what level/grade they think they should be applying for. There is no right or wrong answer to this, as I am very much of the opinion if you think you can do a role then […]

The Challenge of Social Mobility – A Reminder

Social mobility, the ability for individuals to move up the socio-economic ladder, is a critical factor in determining employment opportunities for young people. In the UK, a lack of social mobility has created significant barriers for young individuals seeking jobs and attending University, exacerbating inequality, and limiting potential. Educational Inequity One of the primary factors […]

A guide for Freshers: How to make the most of your time at University

With freshers week now only being a couple of weeks away, I can understand that you are probably feeling an array of emotions, especially if this is your first time going to university. It is completely okay to feel both anxious and worried, but it is important to remember that a lot of people will […]

My summer internship at Freuds

The Talent Tap always seems to exceed my expectations every summer in being able to provide opportunities that help the development of my own future career. This summer certainly lived up to this. I got the privilege of gaining an internship with the PR and Communications agency, Freuds. I spent two weeks in London gaining […]

The Role of The Talent Tap in Bridging Socioeconomic Divides

The Isle of Wight – an island only two miles across the Solent, but worlds away in terms of career development opportunities for young people. For students from the Isle of Wight, the divides are not just socioeconomic. I’ve lived in deprived areas of the island my entire life but the more significant barrier to […]

The Talent Tap’s Sporting Challenges

Calling all sports enthusiasts! The Talent Tap is thrilled to announce its ongoing series of fundraising sports events that are making a significant impact to our students and their opportunities. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of our current fundraising sports events and provide information on how you make a difference. If you can’t […]

Unleashing Potential: Introducing The Talent Tap – Empowering Lives

Welcome to The Talent Tap, a  leading social mobility charity dedicated to tapping into the potential of individuals aged between 18-25 years old from lower socio-economic backgrounds. In this blog post, we will be introducing our mission, and the transformative work we are doing to empower lives through work experience. At The Talent Tap, we […]