The Talent Tap Model


Everybody Wins.  Due to The Talent Tap’s unique model, everybody wins.  The Talent Tap students receive opportunities that they could not access without The Talent Tap; the state schools gain exposure to outstanding career advice, work experience opportunities and an alumni network to support their school leavers; the work experience providers meet some of the most ambitious and talented students in Britain who would normally have not gained their attention; and the alumni networks grow in diversity and strength.  Finally, the private schools also benefit; for a minimal financial outlay The Talent Tap offers private schools another avenue to support their associated state schools in an area in which they have an enormous comparative advantage. In doing so they build stronger bonds with their associated state schools and further reinforce their charitable credentials. 

Significant results for limited cost:  For the cost of putting one state school student through a private secondary school, The Talent Tap could offer 150 students the opportunity to access some of the best training, work experience and alumni networks in Britain.  By selecting the students just as they are ready to transition from school and into work and University, The Talent Tap focuses its resources at the point when students are most able to capitalise.  This ensures that The Talent Tap maximizes every £ that it spends.