The Talent Tap works with a growing number of schools and academies to inspire future focused, driven, academically talented Year 13 students to apply to our scheme and access our career propelling programmes.


Application / Interview

The charity works closely with Heads of 6th Form to encourage pupils to apply and interview for the scheme. We pledge to interview every pupil who has applied to give all pupils interview technique experience.  Even if unsuccessful they are given detailed feedback and advice on their interview.  The Talent Tap takes into consideration whether students are entitled to Free School Meals and if they are the first generation of their family to go to university as well as their character, drive and academic potential. We guarantee that we give all our alumni opportunities that they would not otherwise have gained without our help.


Post interview, successful students are given a two-week, fully funded, residential work experience programme, currently in London, but with expansion plans across the UK. Students are housed for a fortnight in shared student accommodation, and, as well as undertaking the work placements honed to their interests, they take part in a variety of sessions including training in interview technique, advice on C.V. drafting and structure, motivational presentations by business leaders and cultural experiences. 

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The Talent Tap continues to support our Alumni allowing them to return for subsequent summer throughout their time at college or university, taking their work skills to a new level each time until they emerge from education to begin their own careers with a proper bedrock of experience and a strong support network from among the people they have met and worked with at The Talent Tap.

Ultimately The Talent Tap hopes to create the alumni network that these less privileged students lack.

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A life changing experience that will build your confidence and open your eyes to the real world of business/work
— Sarah Cunningham, Alumni 2019