The Talent Tap’s mission is to deliver long term social impact by giving life changing, career enhancing opportunities to those from Year 12 onwards from social mobility coldspots across the UK. The Talent Tap strengthens employment potential by enabling access to professional industry, empowering our students to stride beyond the barrier of socio-economics.

The Talent Tap is a social mobility charity.

Our team work with schools and colleges to inspire ambitious 16-18 year old students, those in Year 12 upwards, to access our scheme, which can ultimately match them with prestigious and motivating employers. Providing insight, advice and mentoring alongside residential work experience, The Talent Tap process is a vital support for students who may not ordinarily be able to access to this kind of opportunity. We create a springboard for students to achieve their full potential within the business community, and we work cohesively to enable social mobility across the professions.

Work experience for students

Unlock your future and gain work experience opportunities, career guidance, and a lifelong network.

Support and learn from the next generation. Link ESG commitments and make a difference.

Provide exceptional career development opportunities, and achieve Gatsby career benchmarks.

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“Today, you are still 60% more likely to get a professional job if you come from a privileged background rather than a working-class background.”

State of The Nation 2021: Social Mobility and the Pandemic (July 2021).

Providing young people with career enhancing opportunities.