The Talent Tap is a social mobility charity with a mission to meaningfully change the lives of talented students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, by giving them the work experience, support, and networks, they need to succeed in their chosen careers.

Up to 70% of recruits to professional services firms come from private and grammar schools, which around only 12% of the country attend.
— ‘A qualitative evaluation of non-educational barriers to the elite professions’, Ashley.L, Social Mobility Commission, June 2015.

The reality of today’s job market is that many careers are often still only accessible to applicants whose backgrounds afford them the opportunity to gain industry knowledge, work experience, interview skills and a network of contacts. 

The Talent Tap works to level this playing field by providing our alumni with access to the same opportunities as those more priviledged. This enables them to enter the job market on an equal footing, with the knowledge and tools that allow them to fulfil their potential.

What is more, the opportunity works both ways. The Talent Tap acts as a conduit to provide employers with access to ambitious and talented individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds.


The most valuable experience I have gained towards my future career.
— Karn Hollis - TTT alumni 2018 & 19